Start Upping Your Instagram Game Today

Wanting to build a brand on Social Media in 2024? You can’t do it without Instagram. The popularity surrounding Instagram isn’t about connecting with stars and brands, but rather it is about the escape of the image. It allows for a distraction free escape into another life. You can be in those mountains, lifestyle, van life, fitness, beauty, or vintage age in a moment. In the middle of a hard day, you can pull up the platform on your phone and be transported easily somewhere else.

As a marketer in 2021, you need to understand that the word is out that Instagram is big business. This means that you have to be savvy with your post and follower’s interactions. Don’t just post an image without touching it up, without including a subtitle, and without using the post to fulfill some social media campaign need.

1. Start A Personal and Business Account

If you want Instagram to take your seriously and put your posts at the top of people’s feeds, then you need a business account. A business account shows that your brand isn’t just a personal hobby. It shows that you are trying to build something bigger than yourself. The added benefits of a business account are that you can start to see analytics directly on the platform. You can chart follower interactions, demographics, and other targeting information. It isn’t just about the numbers. It is about the totality of all of the analytical data points that can show the true health of your growth.

2. Completely Fill Out Your Profile

It may seem simple, but your brand’s profile is the only thing that potential customers see besides your posts. If your post is attractive, people may want to see more. However, they are unlikely to follow it if the brand and profile isn’t something that is professionally done. Have you ever clicked on a post only to see that the profile is completely unrelated, boring, and not something you had expected? This happens more than you think. Don’t fail your customers at the start.

There are great services that are available now that help improve your social media profile. All you need to do is add a hyperlink to your profile and the app will pull up a more advanced menu of options for the visitor. Currently, Instagram lacks in profile flexibility. A hyperlink to a fuller profile offers more follower interest and potential for conversions and interactions. Remember, though, only one link is allowed. Make it a good one.

3. Pick a Branding Style

When you start to build your social media marketing presence, you need to decide on what type of “voice” your brand will have. This may seem difficult, but your branding voice is incredibly important to building a following that trusts your products and services. Here are a few key questions that you need to answer. First, what style of photos will you post? Color scheme? Common filter? Common objects in the image? Should the posts all carry a similar theme?

Also, besides the imagery of the posts, you need to think about the words in the body of the text. Your “copy” should be reflective of the attitudes of your images. Don’t be flirty in the text if you are serious in the images. The communication wouldn’t match. Make sure that you have equal voice in both your images and your words for consistency across platforms and communication styles.

4. Utilize the Profile Image

The simple task of adding a profile image may seem simple, but it can be quite difficult. The problem that most people and brands face is the issue of complexity. The little circle that Instagram uses for the profile image space is smaller than you think. Use these simple rules to make sure that your profile image is optimized for digital marketing in 2021.

  • Use as few words as possible or no words at all
  • People won’t read what is in the profile image, people will read your profile
  • Use simple bold colors that will attract the eye, but only use one or two
  • Logos are perfect for profile images for consistent branding
  • Center the logo and leave it, try not to change your image often as it confuses people
  • Don’t use your face if your person is not the brand

Again, it may seem like a simple little need, but it is vitally important. Check out other profiles and what their profile images are. Most likely you will notice that most of them are the logo, if it is a company, a name if it is a brand, or an image of a person, if it is a personality brand.

5. Stay True and Consistent to Your Brand but Be Flexible

The hardest part of doing social media marketing is always worrying about new posting and content. Luckily, Instagram only requires image posts, some videos, and little text. The limitations do help, but it still takes work and time. Social media is the main source of drawing in new followers. It is worth committing to the platform and really developing a great profile and fantastic content.

The way to do this is to consistently put out consistent content. What does this mean? If your profile is about cats on couches, then you need to post cats on couches. Don’t randomly post a dog on a bale of hay. That doesn’t go along with your brand. Further, if all of the posts are done up with a certain filter to strike a certain color balance, keep to this same filter.

This isn’t to say that you should never change. On the contrary, you need to keep improving to build a better social media account. But what this means is that you need to find a balance of how you post. Stay consistent with all of your posting. If you need to change something, then do a test post. Find out how your followers react and if the altered or new post is received well. If it isn’t, pull it down or change it back. If it is received well, then you should apply that change moving forward.

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